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25th Sept to 18th Dec - half term 30th Oct

First session free,
then just £75 pcm*

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Lesson One:

How to really perform on stage

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Actor & Singer
Musical Theatre Pro


Welcome to our brand new Showtime School @Strood Academy.
Join me and my amazing teachers to learn the secrets of a great performance.



Strood Section Inspiring Teachers from stage & screen

Inspiring Teachers
from stage & screen

Ciao Ciao to the Rule Book....

Showtime seeks out that special something inside every child. Our teachers are professional performers who love to inspire young talent and pass on their expertise.

The Greatest Showman is our theme for the first term. And hopefully familiar to all you. There is lots to learn from this movie. All of it fun.

Your first two weeks of Showtime is on us. Completely free.

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Strood Section Hey kids, read this


What to expect in your new 12 week term...

The Greatest Showman and other modern musicals have inspired so many of you to sing, dance & act. Learning the basics is not that hard and this is a great fun place to start! Over 12 weeks, we will learn the songs, the moves and the drama from our favourite parts of these classics. And at the end of the term, perform all of this to friends and family.

If you can sing a bit, dance a bit, and act a bit then you will always stand out from the crowd. Learn to be awesome with our professional teachers and who knows where you will end up. About a third of our students have an Agent and have worked on photoshoots, TV and the stage.

I know you are going to love Showtime, everyone does. At the end of term you will be a better singer dancer and actor. But most importantly had fun and made amazing new friends, And that's that. Macey x

Strood Section Parents, read this


It's no big secret that children who engage in the performing arts perform better in school.....

Studies show that children who sing, dance & act achieve higher and tend to have enhanced cognitive, motor and social skills. It makes sense really.

Showtime builds condifence in every student. And that is an awesome gift for all children right now and through out their lives.

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Confident kids perform best
at home, at school, at Showtime!

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The not so small small print

Register for your 2 week free trial. Complete the Free Trial form so we know who you are and when you will be coming. You will receive an email confirming your Free Trial.

Enjoy your Showtime trial. Get to know your teachers, make new friends and ask as many questions as you can think of. Remember the first two weeks are on us. Completely Free.

After your your two week Trial, all being well, we will invite you to join Showtime every week. If Showtime is not for you then just let us know so we make your place available to another student.

To become a full time Showtimer, you will need a monthly membership. An email explaining everything will be sent to you.

Strood is funded differently to other Showtime Schools so you will be charged the reduced rate of £60 per month for 12 months which entitles one child to attend 36 three hour training sessions.