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Steps Showtime are taking:-

Prevent unwell students from attending, parents please help us by keeping your child at home if they have a cough or a high temperature, or are showing any other Covid signs. If a student becomes unwell before, during or after the term, inform us asap so we can take appropriate steps and notify other students and support contact tracing through the NHS Test and Trace service.

  • anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) needs to take a test to find out if they have the virus
  • NHS will get in touch with anyone who has had a positive test result to gather information about any close recent contacts they have had
  • alert those contacts, where necessary, and notify them if they need to self-isolate to help stop the spread of the virus

Stagger arrival and departure times to reduce crowding. Parents will be e-mailed times for their bubble.

Cleanliness. A hand sanitizer station will be set up and is to be used before and after class and bathroom breaks. We already have a policy of no more than two students at a time to use the bathroom which is encouraged during break time.

Social Distancing. We will take particular care to observe social distancing and use ventilation as far as possible through opening of windows and doors. Also ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

Singing. According to Government guidelines we can now engage in singing by following the points below:-

  • groups will not be greater than 15 and will not change once set for the term.
  • children are socially distanced (2 metres apart), or 1 meter if in a well-ventilated room and 2 meters is not viable, and encouraged to sing quietly.
  • We already position students side-to-side for singing, (rather than face-to-face) and will continue to do so.

Performances. For a performance we will limit as far possible the number of performers and audience members. You will be encouraged to support the overall safety of the event, including seating arrangements.By considering and adopting these cumulative risk mitigation measures, the overall risk is reduced.

Communication with parents is encouraged regarding any safety concerns over our plans for reopening, including our new safety measures that are in place to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of the virus.

As and when further guidelines become available, we will include them in our plan to minimise the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission during these activities.

Recommendations. It is recommended that staff, children and young people attending our settings have their own items that are not shared. Therefore any scripts, or lyrics will be available for you to print from our website, or sent via e-mail for you to print out at home.

Face coverings. Public Health England does not recommend the use of face coverings when children are participating in out-of-school settings activities.

Teacher Training. We would like to reassure you that our teachers are all DBS checked and have either attended first aid or done a safeguarding course and more recently a Covid Awareness course.

Our staff members understand and will implement the protective measures identified.

All children may attend our classes, but if we experience a local COVID-19 outbreak, different local restrictions may have to be imposed.